Thursday, February 18, 2010

in which we make dumplings and I accept that my child is not a genius

Today little Minty had her two year old assessment at the health centre. Let's just say she doesn't perform well under pressure. While we were in the waiting room she was prattling on saying, 'health centre' and other equally articulate phrases but the minute we went inside for the assessment she became a virtual mute. The health nurse brought out some crayons and asked her to draw circles and lines but Minty sat quietly clutching her crayon and looking at her like she had three heads. Of course when we got home Minty got out her crayons and paper and created me a lovely picture. I feel like I spent the whole assessment making unconvincing claims about all the things she can do at home. Never mind... I'm not really sure why I always feel the need to impress. Minty will always be my sweet, funny, angel even if she does decide to give her best impression of Marcel Marceau when we are out in public.

For dinner we made 'pork' dumplings inspired by a recipe we found here. I had a little bit of beef mince left in the fridge so we used that instead of pork. I can't get over how easy this recipe was. I had always been a little intimidated by dumplings and had never considered making them myself but seriously guys this was basic. Not to mention the fact that it was such an economical meal. With a tiny bit of meat (150 grams was enough to make 8 dumplings) and some asian inspired veggies thrown on the side we had a really quick and yummy dinner. The prep work can be done ahead of time - I managed to make the dough and filling in a rare moment of peace when the sun and moon aligned and both children napped at the same time, then bunged them in the fridge until I was ready to do the assembling at dinner.

I have to admit that Minty did need a little coaxing to eat these. I told her the meat was a present wrapped inside the dough and somehow this made the whole meal much more appetising. Her complete aversion to spring onions however continues and whenever she found one tucked into the meat 'present' she looked at me aghast as though I had slipped her a little arsenic on a powdered doughnut a la 'Flowers in the Attic'. I'm wondering whether to persevere or find some substitute next time I make these.

If we can overcome the spring onion issue I'm thinking dumplings may well become a regular on our dinner menu.

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  1. Oh go for it Susan! Dumplings are great and the filling can be so mixed and varied. Google it a bit more and I'm certain you'll hit on a winner for the whole family. Probably more than one.