Tuesday, August 9, 2011


For the kids' playgroup snack this morning I made these carrot muffins.  But in an epic moment of parental failure I put walnuts in the muffins… it is of course a 'nut free' playgroup.  So rather than risk causing anaphylaxis in someone else's child I rummaged in our empty pantry for an alternative.    Poor Minty and Turi ended up with a torn up tortilla left over from last night's dinner… and I forgot their drink bottle.  We were 40 minutes late.  I'm pretty sure the kids looked like victims of serious neglect, and their sad faces upon opening the lunchbox aroused pity from the other parents, who were kind enough to share some of their own kid's lunches!  So on the cosmic parental report card I think I'm scoring a D minus today.  Oh well - I'll try and make it up to them tomorrow.


  1. Lol. And they look so delicious too!

  2. ...honestly, are children not able to be supervised so they don't steal each other's nut-inclusive treats? It's kinda sad. :-/
    They'll have to cope once they get to school, surely...
    But at least you got lots of muffins to eat for yourselves today then! ;-)

  3. Many schools have an "allergy minimization" policy. They shouldn't claim to be "nut free" because they would risk litigation if a nut sneaked through and caused an anaphylaxis incident. It's a huge issue and so parents are "encouraged" not to send food containing nuts to school.
    The muffins look beautiful - great effort less than a week after the killer flu bug. I bet the kids enjoyed sharing other people's snacks.