Thursday, September 29, 2011


As a general rule I don't let the kids choose their own clothes.  Left to their own devices they'd probably end up looking like a crazy homeless person and a transvestite hooker in various states of undress.  Until the answer to every fashion question is no longer 'hot pink sparkles', I have appointed myself as stylist.  But just to give the kids a little freedom of expression I occasionally break my own rule and let them pick something out.  This hat was one such concession.  The weather is warming up and both the kids were in need of a new hat.  I let Minty look through my fabric stash and she chose this pink Alexander Henry 'dear zoo' print.  It's quite loud and honestly I'd never intended to use it for a garment (I had it earmarked for a library bag or a backpack) but I think the end result is pretty cute.  And if it means there are going to be fewer arguments over being sun smart I think we'll all be happy!  The hat is reversible, but I don't actually have any photos of the other side.  It's a more subtle pink and white stripe, so it should fit the bill when more sedate head wear is required.  The pattern is from Liesl Gibson's Little Things to Sew.



  1. It is so gorgeous, I love it! AND it reminds me (and inspires) that this was supposed to be my August contribution to the Oliver + S sew along here...

  2. lovely, she did a good job of the fabric choice!

  3. The perfect solution to saving sun smart arguments, good work Mama! I like it, it's funky.

  4. Good idea to let her choose the fabric, if it keeps the hat on. It looks great!