Sunday, January 27, 2013

In which there are pansies and random links...

I actually managed to pick up the camera a few times today, which for some unknown reason appears to be a rare event this summer.  So here is a peek at our day…

We've been making lots of icy poles with our zoku.  These ones are freshly squeezed orange juice layered with strawberry yoghurt.
Vanilla rice porridge with caramel bananas for breakfast.  We're all feeling a bit sick of our usual porridge or wheatbix so this week we've been mixing things up with some different recipes.
Yesterday Minty planted some seeds so this morning she made some labels for the pots.  Then I helped her put together a little chart so she can keep track of their progress.  She wrote all the numbers in the boxes and I put in the text (although I probably could have helped her labour over the text herself, I like to keep the momentum and her enthusiasm up when we're doing projects like this so she doesn't loose interest!).

And while I'm making this rare blogging appearance I thought I'd share a few links I'm currently loving…

This new photo blog is really inspiring… makes me want to forget all my hang ups about violent toys and buy Minty an archery set so she can channel her inner Katniss Everdeen… that and make an effort to photograph the kids more often!!

I'm loving listening to all these great and varied voices reading Moby Dick.  I feel like a kid again, being read a bedtime story!

Speaking of reading, I'm currently attempting to read from this list of '1000 novels everyone must read'.  Since this is an extensive list I'm conservatively aiming to finish 30 of the novels that I haven't already read by the end of 2013.


  1. The zoku icy poles look really groovy: when/where did you get a zoku? The pansy project with Minty is a great idea :D Which novel are you starting with?

  2. grandi bought Minty the zoku for her birthday last year. I'm counting listening to Moby Dick as my first novel. Then I think I'll move onto Jurassic Park.