Friday, February 22, 2013

My little valentine...

I have a horrible sinus infection.  I've got nearly two weeks worth of photos and stories to blog about but I'm having trouble putting down my tissues long enough to type anything.  So instead just a little photo of Minty on valentines day.  She turned five last week and honestly I'm beginning to feel like I'm struggling to keep up with her.  There's nothing like the quick wit of an irrepressible 5-year old combined with the incessant whining and intermittent screaming of a 3-year old to make you feel like someone has been slowly picking your brain out of your nostril with a toothpick.  There are times now that I feel like she is one step ahead of me in an argument  and on days like today when my brain is sluggish and groggy she makes me feel like a dullard.  We've been butting heads and pushing each other to the limit.  But no one can make me laugh like she can and if I had to choose someone to be trapped in an elevator with it would definitely be her (and not just because she has the bladder control of a camel).  

She spent Sunday night in the emergency room with croup and during the long hours waiting for drugs to work, x-ray results and monitoring sats, she kept us all entertained with amusing renditions of I-spy.  'I spy with my little eye something beginning with z… zero tolerance for violence and aggression sign!' (breathless hilarity ensues).  

While I've been writing this she has been dancing uninhibited to a selection of music of her own choosing - Madonna, Cabaret, The Lion King, Evanescence and Swan Lake.  I miss the days when she didn't know how to operate i-tunes.

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  1. I'm really sorry to hear you and Minty have been sick: I hope you both get better soon! I like Minty's choice of dance music by the way (except for Evanescence, ewww!)