Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Conversations with Minty...

Excerpts from my (mostly unsuccessful) attempt to tell Minty the story of Easter…

Minty: why do people still tell this story?
Me: it's one of the greatest stories of all time
Minty [concerned]: is it also the longest story?

Me: he had twelve best friends who were his followers
Minty: why did they, you know (gesturing behind herself) follow him?
Me: They didn't literally follow him around… I just meant... um… you know…  spiritually.

Me: Just outside Jerusalem there was a wooded hillside called the Mount of Olives.
Minty: hang on a minute, I have a question… why did he find olives in a pile? [gesturing a mound]

Me: did that make sense or not?
Minty: a little bit… sort of… actually a big bit not and a little bit yes


  1. Wise far beyond her years. That last comment pretty much sums up my thoughts on the whole thing too.

  2. This made me chuckle :) Mount of Olives, always made me think of such a romantic sounding place, but I love Minty's version!