Friday, November 1, 2013

A very happy Halloween!

I wasn't really planning on celebrating halloween this year, but yesterday morning I was feeling festive so I threw together some last minute costumes for the kids and decorated the house.  I asked Minty what she would like to dress up as and she told me she'd like to be a vampire.
"Do you even know what a vampire is?" I asked.
"Well… I think it's just like a killing machine in a cape." She replied.  Great.  I'm glad she learnt something at pre-prep, thanks to the endless monster high dolls paraded at show and tell!

Minty was very enamoured with the idea of trick-or-treating.  I wasn't entirely sure whether it would be well received by our neighbours since halloween isn't really a bit deal here in Australia.  I tried to explain to Minty that many of the houses might not have a treat to give her so she decided she could give out treats to our neighbours instead.  I thought this was a great idea and much more neighbourly, so we baked some halloween cupcakes to give out.  Minty piped the icing herself.  She's getting pretty handy with a piping bag for a five year old!

Minty emerged from the first house wide eyed and said, "Something strange happened,  It was almost like they knew we were trick-or-treaters and they gave us a treat straight away!"  Their haul included some biscuits in a paper patty case from a tinned assortment, a home brand muesli bar ("I think these might have come from a shop!" Minty told me in wonderment as she proudly showed me this treat) and a $5 note.  Not bad really.

At bedtime Minty whispered to me, "Thanks for letting me trick-or-treat.  Tonight was the best night of my life."

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  1. Haha, that's great- no-one was forced to go out and buy overpriced Hallowe'en-themed lollies, and the kids still thought it was fantastic. :-)
    I found a website last year that had a good idea for neighbourhoods wanting to trick or treat- do a letterdrop at the neighbours you plan to visit, and if they like the idea of joining in they can put the included balloon or streamers on their mailbox to show the kids that it's okay to approach and get lollies. If they'd rather be left alone, they'll do nothing.
    That way no-one feels obliged, and neighbours are happy. :)

    PS- love the whipped-up costumes there. Reminds me of things my mum used to make us for school plays- find old clothes and make-up around the house, and hey presto, a costume. No need to go overboard. :)