Friday, July 22, 2011

In which we hoola our troubles away...

This week was a bit of a fail.  I didn't get any work done, I've been on a short fuse with the kids, I had a series of interactions with various people that whilst not serious left me bemused and feeling like I'd rather throw on my pyjamas and avoid further human contact.  So this afternoon I was determined not to let the week end on a sour note.   My recipe for salvaging the week: Minty and I baked a batch of nutella cookies (more on those tomorrow), I grabbed my camera and we headed outside for cookies and hoola-hooping.  When we were all hoolaed out and Turi was up from his nap, we all went to the beach.  The tide was on it's way out and the sand was littered with hundreds of shells.  The kids took off their shoes and paddled in the rock pools, soaking up the winter sun.  On the way home they stopped at every driveway so Turi could sing a little tune, 'tap, tap, tap', and they did their best dancing impressions of Gene Kelly and Shirley Temple.  'Stop' signs became maypoles to be circled and their joviality was infectious.  Then into a hot bath to wash the sand and salt away, followed by home-made okonomiyaki for dinner.  So after today, I think on balance this week wasn't so bad after all.



  1. What a great afternoon! Days like this make life worth living.
    How good is home made okonomikayi! It's a favourite at our house. I'm eager to hear about your nutella bikkies too.
    Have a gorgeous day, it's sunny, hooray.

  2. Know how you feel! What an average week all up but it's amazing what a sunshiney day can do for the psyche. Lil and I had a train trip to the shops and stopped in the park on the way home for the first time in weeks for some swing, slide and bouncy koala time :) Vit D successfully restored...

  3. Fun! I wish I'd been there for their "tap tap tap" song and dance routine!