Friday, July 8, 2011

In which we tell the children white lies on 'snow day'...

reversible baby bib
I just wanted to share a few quick sewing projects from this week.  The first is a reversible baby bib I whipped up as a last minute gift for a friend.  The fabric is from Joelle Hoverson's cake rock beach line.  I just love the seaweed prints and brown tones - perfect for a little baby boy!
reversible baby bib

The second project was a super quick pair of mittens for Turi.  Earlier this week we took the kids to a 'snow day' on Churchill Island, and on the morning of the big event I realised I didn't have anything to keep Turi's hands warm.  Luckily I remembered there is a very easy pattern for mittens in Leisl Gibson's Little Things to Sew.  I used an old worn out fleece baby blanket for fabric and threw these together in an hour.  Sadly when we actually got to 'snow day' it was a bit of a bust.  It was bucketing down rain, and the line to get to the very small patch of snow was about an hour long.  Rather than pay $22 so that we could subject ourselves to this ordeal we just put the kids back in the car and went home.  

It's a good thing the kids are still so young (and gullible) because had they been a bit older I think there may have been a major protest at having to miss out.  Instead, the Mr and I engaged in an overly enthusiastic charade on the way back to the car, saying things like, 'Wasn't that so exciting?' and, 'Snow day was so much fun!'.  Since the kids really had no expectation of what 'snow day' would entail they were relatively content at having only viewed the snow through a fence 100 meters away.  Minty was slightly suspicious but in the end found it hard to repudiate our enthusiasm.  I do feel a little guilty but I think we'll just have to take them to the real snow next year!!

liesl gibson little things to sew mittens
kids mittens liesl gibson little things to sew mittens
IMG_3109.jpg IMG_3108.jpg
Minty all rugged up for snow day (bottom two photos taken by the Mr)


  1. love the bibs, I didnt take thomas to the snow either weather was too awful. Will also take them next year to the real snow. Vikki

  2. Gorgeous bibs! I'll have to commission one whenever I need a baby gift!

  3. I LOVE the seaweed prints! (And the mittens;-))