Thursday, May 10, 2012

Taming the wild beasts...

Firstly, I just wanted to thank everyone for their messages of support after my last post.  After much reflection I've concluded that the behaviour was basically just an extreme form of attention seeking.  Lately I've been so busy packing, working and generally keeping the house running that I haven't been spending much quality 'face time' with the kids.  So rather than dwelling on the negative I'm trying to turn things around and channel their creativity and extreme energy into good rather than evil.  Both Minty and Turi have always had a wild adventurousness and a strong desire to explore and experiment.  Though it can be a bit trying at times it is one of my favourite things about them.  So although I'd like them to be a bit more compliant, I don't want to beat the spark out of them and crush their spirits!  So in the coming weeks I'm going to be turning off the TV and spending plenty of time running off their legs and working their brains with creative play so that they have no energy left for mischief!  I'll keep you updated on the success (or lack there of) of this strategy…

In other news, the kids hosted a little mother's day afternoon tea at kinder yesterday.  The class sang a few songs and did a little dancing and then served the mums cupcakes that they had baked.

Minty really loves kinder but I've made the difficult decision to pull her out so she can repeat again next year.  As you can see in these pictures she is tiny compared to the other kids (since her birthday is in february she is a full year younger than some of them) and until I can reign in her sleep and behaviour issues at home I don't think she'll be ready to start school next year.  Just to really confuse matters her kinder teacher pulled me aside yesterday to tell me how well she thought Minty was doing!

And finally a bit of a house update -  the stairs are in!  These lead from the kitchen up to the raised lounge room.  They make such nice, informal extra seating.  The door you can see leads to the kids bedrooms and bathroom.

Here is another look at our lovely pantry door and the cavity for the fridge.


  1. I love your steps! We used to have a 'withdrawal room' at primary school (odd name, I know- maybe it's a S.A. thing?); a quiet room filled with books where class meetings were held, or where, if you were good, you were allowed to hide and read for a lesson. It had steps leading down to a big well in the centre, and I always wanted something like it in my house...this comes pretty close! :-)

    Loving the pantry door...and the fact the handle will be high enough so it can't be easily reached for a few years, hopefully? ;-)

  2. the pantry is going to be locked!! maybe if Brett is lucky I'll let him have a key... but maybe not... more chocolate for me!!

    1. Sounds prefectly reasonable. :-D

      Our pantry at home was big, walk-in, and completely accessible...the number of times I hid in there in the dark, hardly daring to breathe while I ate the lunchbox-chocolate bars 'without Mum knowing' (I bet she did!)...if I was anything to go by, a padlock is a great idea!

  3. Oh and on kinder, it can be a tough decision, but you know what's best for her. We had to repeat 3YO for Leila, but only decided at the end of the first 3YO year knowing also that there was no way she'd be ready for school in a year's time. I worried at the time but it was completely the right thing to do. She's now the older one, but that seems to suit her perfectly.