Thursday, August 30, 2012

In which there are dirty tiger suits...

His vocabulary is still somewhat limited.  It's not unusual for him to announce that something is 'purple' when it is in fact clearly red.  There are times when I have absolutely no idea what he is saying (usually during one of his full scale emotional breakdowns tipped off by the smallest inconvenience).  But we are gradually reaching a point where his language is coloured by his personality and sparkles with creativity.  When he wakes in the morning he will hold up his fingers to correspond to the number of weetbix he wants and says, 'I want to eat these guys.'  As he points to one finger he tells me, 'you can feed me this guy, and I'll eat these guys'.  I am enchanted and in awe of his whimsical imagination.  He tells me of tigers who need to go to the laundry to wash their tiger suits that button down their middles, and of a fox that lives in our microwave and helps to warm our porridge with its bushy tail.  He spends his day building 'traps' about the house to capture the magical creatures that live only in his mind.  I wish I could visit inside his head and somehow bottle the whimsy that resides there.  I'm sure it holds the seeds of a wonderful children's book!


  1. "... to capture the magical creatures that live only in his mind."
    You mean....that only he can see, right? You're just a grown adult who's lost the ability to see them. ;-)

    You should tape conversations with him! My mum has tapes (now transferred to CD) of when she used to sit and play with us, leaving a recorder going on the table. Hearing our young selves chatting away about the strangest things is priceless. :-)

  2. I love him! Can't wait to see you on the weekend...