Friday, August 31, 2012

Conversations with Minty on cocktail Friday...

Minty [whining]: muuum!
Me [exasperated]: I heard you the first 30 times
Minty: no that was 7 times
Minty [showing me the lego aeroplane she had built]: mum this aeroplane has exempting hair
Me: exempting hair?
Minty: yeah, so it's soooo powerful!
For those of you playing along with cocktail Friday tonight's cocktail is a screwdriver...


45ml vodka
60ml orange juice
slice of orange to garnish

Pour vodka and orange juice over ice in a highball glass.  Cut orange slice in half and sit both pieces on the rim of the glass.

Happy cocktail Friday everyone!

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  1. Cocktail Friday! Love it. Gosh knows I could use a stiff drink with three kids running amok here! have a good one x