Friday, September 7, 2012

In which there are chocolate martinis and the dinner conversation degenerates...

The Mr. is working late tonight and I'm flying solo.  I made a rando lentil dish and a silverbeet gratin.  You know when everyone is really enjoying their meal and a contented hush falls over the room because everyone is too busy chewing to talk?  Well tonight the kids spent the entire meal giggling hysterically and poking each other with their forks while calling each other 'penis'.  Oh well more gratin for me.

Thank god it's cocktail Friday.  Tonight's cocktail is a chocolate martini (from my trusty cocktail bible)

3 chocolate drops
cocoa to garnish
30ml vodka
30ml white creme de cacoa

Place chocolate drops in the bottom of a martini glass and dust the tim with cocoa.  Shake vodka and creme de cacoa with ice, and strain into a martini glass.  

Happy Friday Everyone!!

And for those who have been asking for a house update, here is a little sneak peek.  This is what the laundry currently looks like.  I promise I'll do a proper house update next week.

Oh and if anyone is interested I blogged a kale pizza recipe over at food fanatics earlier this week.

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  1. Great Blog awesome photos of chocolate flavors ...And Cute kids...Thanks.