Sunday, September 9, 2012

In which we have a domestic and get domestic...

The Mr. and I had a fight this morning.  Nothing serious just a little marital spat.  You know the kind that results in you trying to out-martyr each other for the rest of the day, each trying to prove that really you are the one who works the hardest in the relationship? (everyone does this right?  Or is it just us, with our uber competitive personalities!?)  Of course this was bad because really I just wanted to sit down and waste some time on pinterest with a cup of coffee, not have a chore marathon, but at the same time it was kind of awesome because I finally got around to fishing out all those tiny bits of lego from between the couch cushions and wiping the crumbs up from that bemuda triangle space behind the toaster.  And for his part the Mr. finally put together our island bench!!  …Not to be outdone I then cleaned out the fridge, dug a compost hole and baked chocolate cookies.

If we argued more often I'm pretty sure our house would start looking like something out of a Martha Stewart magazine… although maybe that's why Martha ended up divorced?

I've got a proper house update planned for tomorrow...


  1. I totally relate - I think everyone has the martyr competitions at times! I am impressed you guys turned it into something productive!

  2. I completely relate, you made me laugh out loud! I think to myself "I'm not talking first, you can just go about your business in silence"!

  3. totally, man. my husband is home this week working on our backyard landscaping and my house has never been cleaner ; )