Thursday, September 13, 2012

Liquid watercolours...

Turi is a reluctant little artist.  He is easily frustrated and currently has an aversion to drawing (apart from an occasional desire to draw on the walls!!)  I thought perhaps some new paints might inspire him.  Personally I find it really frustrating trying to create with substandard materials (really there is nothing worse than a cheap crayon!)  So I took a trip to Zart (my favourite art store!) to pick up some supplies.  While Minty has the patience to enjoy watercolour painting with a dry palette, Turi struggles to get enough paint on his brush.  I decided liquid watercolours might be the solution.  I bought these ones by micador and I am seriously in love!  The colours are so vibrant and dreamy to apply.  I also got the kids some nice brushes and watercolour paper and it made all the difference.  Turi actually enjoyed himself and did two paintings!  I would highly recommend these if you're looking for some paint for little ones.  They're not quite as messy as poster paint since the kids aren't tempted to try and finger paint.  I would suggest using a higher gsm paper even if you don't stretch to the expense of water-colour paper.  Regular A4 paper just gets so wrinkly and tears too easily when the page gets wet.  Do any of you have any favourite art supplies you use with kids?


  1. You've read my mind! I've just been thinking about liquid watercolours these past few days and wondering which brand would be best. So now you've done the research and Turi has done the all important testing... I'm sold.
    Thank you
    That store looks fantastic too. I must make the trek next time I'm in the area.
    The house is looking great. I love the pendant lamps. I have a few of those waiting for a house of their very own.

  2. I had not heard of liquid water-colour paints before: they look like a lot of fun! Their paintings look really groovy: If you have any spare artwork from the kids I would love to have one to pin up near my desk... I just had a thought, if you scanned one in, I could print it on my colour printer :D