Tuesday, June 18, 2013

In which I stick a doily on it...

I made Mint a bubble skirt out of some thrifted (vintage?) fabric.  She loved the fabric but something about the bubble shape offended her aesthetic sensibility.  Lately she's been really butting heads with me about what she will and won't wear.  It's extremely frustrating, since almost all her clothes have recently been deemed unacceptable.  I was on the verge of donating this skirt to the op shop when, as a last ditch attempt at pleasing her, I decided to sew a doily on one of her (most hated grey) shirts.  Suddenly the entire outfit had newfound appeal.  If only all dislike could be solved so easily… Don't like this pumpkin soup?  Don't worry I'll stir a doily through it… Don't want to brush your teeth?  Hang on a minute, I'll just wrap your tooth brush in a doily… Julia Gillard?  Just stick a doily on her.


  1. i hit the doily mother load at the oppy today if you need some more bargaining chips......the toothbrush idea has possibilities.

  2. Love the skirt! gorgeous ... 5 yr old girls are so funny... mine is a little bit iffy about clothes but usually comes round with minimal dramas ...3 yr old not so much.
    Oh and hilarious about J.G. & a doily on her... still probably won't be any more appealing ! heheh

  3. So many memories of going head to head over clothes with small people - if only I'd known about the doily!