Wednesday, October 9, 2013


The kids somehow managed to decapitate their rocking horse this morning.  I feel like I need to use the head for some kind of "Godfather" re-enactment… sadly I think the reference would be lost on the children!  

There's been a strong north-westerly whipping through the valley where our house sits.  I've been hiding inside while the kids run off their crazy in the yard.  I made some yummy carrot, apple and hazelnut muffins. They've also got pumpkin and sunflower seeds, sultanas and coconut in them, so they seem sort of healthy if you have selective amnesia about the caster sugar, brown sugar, honey, and butter!!!

My favourite lunch right now is tahini and tomato on fresh baked bread, sprinkled with a little sea salt and a generous dose of fresh coriander leaves.  Even the kids love it!

It's too windy to plant out my strawberries today so they sitting in a sunny spot inside along with my tomatoes.

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  1. The rolls and muffins look delicious! It's very exciting that you are planting strawberries :D