Thursday, February 6, 2014

In which Minty wants to be less 'Sonny' and more Cher...

Minty has developed a recent aversion to all pants and shorts.  This probably isn't helped by the odd stranger calling her 'Sonny' due to her pixie hair cut (this recently happened while she was wearing a dress and I wasn't sure whether to be excited by their liberal attitude that boys could wear dresses too, or horrified by the fact that they thought only boys could have short hair).  Anyway, I felt it would be largely impractical for Mint to wear dresses for sports lessons so I needed to come up with some kind of solution.  Rather than hunting around for child hair extensions I decided to sew a pair of 'feminine' yet practical shorts.  I opted for the Oliver +S puppet show pattern and Mint was very happy with them.

Before you all message me to let me know about the existence of 'skorts', I'm aware.  They just sort of freak me out, like a liger or a 'splade' or something and in any case, I've never had any success selling the idea to Mint either.

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  1. I think they're really nice. I know what you mean about cullotes, skorts, whatever, they are the alternate to dress summer option at our school. Both girls refused to wear anything but summer dresses throughout prep -summer and winter, Leila into grade 1 always prefers a dress, but I think since mid grade 2, for Ella it's been skorts and ts all the way, and sneakers, don't even bother buying school shoes now - it's an age thing at our school - so Minty is ahead!

    PS As a very short hair wearing gal - I would rather have stylish shorter hair than a mop and as for being mistaken for a boy - absurd, she's far too cute!