Sunday, February 2, 2014

DIY icy-pole moulds!

We're going through a bit of an icy-pole making obsession around these parts!  Since I don't have icy-pole moulds I've come up with my own DIY method. 

Basically I just blend up a combination of fruit, juice, yoghurt and/or milk.  I've also made some yummy ones with coconut milk (great for visitors with dairy intolerance!)  Here are some of the combinations I've made so far…

- Coconut and pineapple
- Watermelon, yoghurt and lime (Minty calls this one a 'Flamingo Fling'!)
- Peach and yoghurt (with a splash of maple syrup)
- Berry, banana and yoghurt
- Orange and raspberry

The mix then gets poured into plastic cups, freeze for about 45mins then add a popsicle stick (you can get big packs at the $2 shop) and freeze for about 6 hours.  To get them out just run the cup under the hot tap for a couple of seconds.  I then pop them into zip lock bags for storing in the freezer.  I wash out the bags and cups and reuse them to minimise waste.  This means I can make icy-poles in bulk and have lots of flavours on hand for hot days and after school snacks!

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  1. oh yum.. we've been making ones with pureed mango and coconut milk, will have to try the Flamingo Fling :)

    Ready for your second week of school? I'm not sure I am!