Thursday, January 30, 2014

School girl...

Minty had her first day of school today.  You would never guess from these photos but she had a bout of school refusal this morning!  I thought my only worry would be what to put in her lunch box but instead I had to negotiate the mine field of her emotional freak out!  She woke up with a phantom 'sore neck' and announced that she was excited about school, but sadly she thought because of her neck she'd have to skip today… and tomorrow… and probably all the days after that!!  Eventually we talked her back from the ledge and loaded our little deer in the headlights off to school.  Hopefully tomorrow will go a bit more smoothly!

In case there are any other first time school mum's obsessing over lunch box food as the last opportunity for control, here is a recipe for a super easy healthy cake (dairy free, egg free, sugar free)….

500g mixed dried fruit
2 cups fruit juice (I used orange and lime juice but whatever you have is fine)
2 cups SR flour (or 2 cups plain + 4tsp baking powder)

Soak the fruit in the juice overnight.
Mix in the flour.
Pour into a lined tin and bake for 50mins at 180C.

Super easy and surprisingly yummy.  Thanks Manu for the recipe!


  1. They are very cute photos of a very cute prep. And the recipe looks delish!

  2. Glad you like the cake- I hope Minty brings home an empty lunchbox! :-)
    And I'll echo the comments about how cute she looks in her uniform- practically a teenager already!

  3. Gorgeous girl, such a big day and a huge adjustment for these little loves. Going from home with mum, doing pretty much whatever you like when you like, to a big school with people you mostly don't know, having to do as you're told - I'm not surprised there are freakouts!