Thursday, January 2, 2014

The end of an era...

2014 is going to bring some big changes for us.  Minty is starting school, Turi will be at kinder 3 days a week and I will be working and/or studying.  Honestly the new year has filled me with a sense of panic and dread.  I feel like we're all living on borrowed time and we need to make the most of these last few weeks of freedom.
Just to make it clear, I realise both the kids are going to be completely fine and will probably love their new adventures, I'm just struggling with the fact that we are all starting to go off in different directions.  Spending the last few days reading Henry Handel Richardson's 'The Getting of Wisdom', certainly didn't help me warm to the idea of Minty going to school!!  
So for the next four weeks I'm trying to pack in all the fun we can before the 'death' of entering formalised education!!!  Yesterday Mint went surfing with dad.  This morning I said to the Mr, "What meaningful life event can I pack into day 2 of our last 28 days of freedom?", his reply, a shrug "Almost 10% already gone".  He finds it amusing to alarm me.

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  1. Its a huge change. The years when your children are at home fulltime (aside from a little bit of kinder) with us, well they're the hardest but definitely the best years. Ella's going into grade 5 this year and can I tell you Susan, I still dread the holidays ending. I love having my chicks with me every day. Sure they drive me mad at times (and I'm sure them) but I love nothing more than us being together. Yes, they will be fine, yes you will be too, but you're quite right, it won't be the same again x.