Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sugar free first birthday cake

My precious little nephew turned one on the weekend.  All the extended family went back to the winery where we first celebrated his birth for a weekend of fun.

At the request of his parents, I made a sugar free, honey free, sweetener free, super healthy smash cake.  Apparently this is what all the cool hipster kids are having these days.  Sweet stuff is so 2008.

I used this recipe for carrot and date cake and then frosted it using plain greek yoghurt and decorated it with frozen blackberries, borage and coriander flowers and a light sprinkling of edible gold stars for a bit of whimsy.  The birthday boy seemed to love it but I'm not going to lie, there weren't too many takers from the hardened sugar addicts amongst us!!

Happy Birthday little M!


  1. I've told you Susan, call it a "loaf" and it was delicious! Thank you for indulging our crazy request.

    By the way, if avoiding giving sugar to a 12 month old is hipster, paint some jeans on me, give me a fixy bike, and point me to anywhere second-hand clothes are more expensive than new ones.

  2. ...because nothing says 'special treat' like...something you always get?
    I was in the 'no sugar for my baby!' camp, but soon realised that it'll just make life impossible when it finally does start having it at age 2,3, other kids' parties, etc, and will crash terribly due to being so oversensitive to it.
    Better to give occasional sugar as a real treat- baby is just fine, and still prefers her plain food, and yoghurt with fruit rather than honey, and happily eats sour things as much as the occasional sweet. :)

    1. I think the "treat" is in the presentation; how awesome does this thing look, and how amazing is food with a candle in it?! Did I mention that it was also delicious, and that Milo loved it (and so did I)?

      For what it's worth, every reputable source of information I can find seems to recommend delaying the introduction of high-sugar foods for as long as possible. That seems like very logical advice to me, and we're not finding it at all difficult at the moment to maintain.

  3. Jokes aside I think it's awesome that you're trying to stick to healthy food. He really did seem to enjoy his cake and loved being the centre of attention (no sugar required for that!!)

  4. I'm not sure what it tastes like...but it looks SUPER HANDSOME!