Thursday, December 18, 2014

In which we search for the perfect gift...

It must be close to Christmas because this morning the Mr. announced that we should probably start our Christmas shopping.  We entered the first shop and he gestured at an item on the display table nearest the entrance.  

"How about that for my mum?" he asked.

"Um… it's $1000.  Do you think that might be vaguely out of our price range?" I replied, my voice an octave higher than usual.  He huffed and gave me a look that made it clear I was just being difficult.

"I'm really good at Christmas shopping," he proclaimed. "It's easy when you're not here."

Meanwhile Turi selected himself an oven thermometer and announced that he would really like "this little clock".  No matter what kind of store we are in, Turi always manages to find something he desperately 'needs'.  He is like a little bower bird finding treasures on every shelf while I helplessly shriek after him, "touch with your eyes, not your hands!!".  I can totally relate though.  I keep finding items I want for myself… a gorgeous new basket perfect for veggie box, a set of vintage wooden mooncake moulds, some cute little ceramic berry baskets.  And yet, somehow when I'm looking for other people all I can see are ceramic pineapples.

By the end of the day I was so exhausted, I was staggering about like a drunken schoolie in platform stripper heals.  Sadly I'll be heading back to the shops again tomorrow, to finish off the last few gifts.

These photos are totally unrelated because who takes photos when they're shopping?  These are from yesterdays play group at the beach.

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