Monday, December 22, 2014

T graduates...

T picked a big bunch of rhubarb, lavender and herbs to give to his teacher.

We celebrated 'faux' christmas with my family yesterday but since I haven't had time to sort through photos yet I thought we could flash back to last week for a look at T's last day of kinder (captions under photos). 

The kids put on a very sweet nativity play.  T was supposed to play an angel but he was nervous about having to sing so made a hasty costume change and played a cow instead.  Apparently mooing is a lot less threatening than performing an angelic chorus!  Sadly I can't share photos of the play as I didn't managed to snap a decent cow portrait!

T getting his 'graduation' certificate.

There was a party with lots of 'pinterest' worthy food made by parents who seemingly had much more energy than me!

Berries packaged up for more teacher gifts.

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