Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Life is a cabaret old chum...

We currently have the sound track from Cabaret on repeat play. Minty is obsessed. When she wakes up in the morning before I've even had a chance to make her breakfast she says, 'Please mummy, put my money on'. I go about my daily tasks, washing the dishes as 'Beedle dee dee dee dee two ladies' pipes on in the background and Minty dances about bopping her shoulders up and down, somersaulting across the lounge room and sliding into the splits for her big finish. She calls out 'sing with me mummy!' whenever 'Tomorrow Belongs to Me' comes on the stereo which feels a little eerie given the intended subtext of German patriotism and the rise of National Socialism.

What can I say? I'm not sure this is exactly what people meant when they said they were concerned about young girls being exposed to raunch culture but I seem to have exchanged the sleaze of pop stars like Lady Gaga and The Pussy Cat Dolls for the 1931 equivalent. In my defence, I've never let MInty actually watch the film and I'm quite sure her attraction to the music is solely due to the unusual orchestration. Still I can't shake the feeling I should be trying to steer her toward some more wholesome listening before she sings 'If you happen To be rich, and you feel like a night's entertainment you can pay for a gay escapade', or some other similarly inappropriate lyrics, at our baptist playgroup.


  1. What happened to 'poppin'? Maybe a Disney musical favourites album would be more the go. Its a heart melting moment when Wall-e dances to Hello Dolly but wouldn't be quite the same scene to a Cabaret song :p Has Sound of Music been whipped out yet?

  2. Minty certainly has 'eclectic' tastes. Have we tested her with some ballet yet? How would Nutcracker go or Walt Disney's 'Fantasia'? Maybe Lion King would appeal? There is something scary about Cabaret and a two year old.

  3. Perhaps she's just getting a headstart on her Yr 12 English studies of 'Cabaret' as a text?! Its a life changing movie. Emma and Ella still make the odd reference to it while I'm left thinking about stupid Alice working in the Dead Letter Office. (I really hope you were in my Yr 12 English class!)