Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rage remorse...

Photo (once again) from Uncle Ross - I don't have a camera this weekend so I had to reach into the archives for this picture of the husband with Minty.

I confess, I was in a foul mood yesterday. The washing machine has broken down, my home phone hadn't been working in two days and the vacuum clogged and wouldn't work either. Both the kiddlets were on sleep strike for the day and as a result were behaving wretchedly. To top it off my husband was set to be away for the entire weekend photographing a Christening in Cobram, taking both my car and camera with him. Let's just say I might have been a little snarky and possibly took things out on the said husband. I may or may not have made one or two snide comments about how I was going to have to ride into town on my horse and buggy to send a telegram.

Today I feel a little ashamed...

My lovely husband stayed up late last night (even though he had a 5:30am start and a six hour drive ahead of him) to fix the phone and when I got up in the morning I discovered he had cleaned the kitchen, put the dishwasher on and (here is the clincher) bought me a king size Toblerone and put it in my secret chocolate stash location on the top of the fridge. He even arranged for his mum to drop us off dinner so I wouldn't have to cook tonight (thanks Diana!). We've been together for just about ten years but it's days like today that I remember why I love him so much, and why I am such an arse!


  1. Alex - pretty sure you can guess which one...May 29, 2010 at 8:27 PM

    "I was going to have to ride into town on my horse and buggy to send a telegram"

    Love it! Mental image of Ma with Mary and Laura all with bonnets on, twisting hay for the long winter's fire :-)

  2. Brett for the win! But see how much gets done when you chuck a wobbly every now and again? He might actually be reinforcing evil moods... :p

  3. Btw Minty would look lovely with a bonnet on with all those curls on her forehead :)

  4. Proud of son, don't blame daughter in-law for foul mood, very happy to hear all is well in the area of loving and caring, not so happy to see Minty minus bike seat and helmet but I should know my son by now and am just glad he is very capable on that bicycle. Hopefully he didn't do it just because of the foul mood....