Monday, December 5, 2011

Advent: Day Four - 'decorate the tree'

Ok ok so that's not actually us or our tree… that's just my fantasy tree experience - ours was somewhat less glamorous.  Minty refused to change out of her grubby pyjamas and Turi had a bloody nose (hand foot and mouth is truly charming).  Against my better judgement Minty convinced me to let her put the glass baubles on the tree and after only a few moments Turi squeezed one so tightly it smashed into tiny pieces in his hands.  Thankfully he didn't cut himself but he gave himself an almighty fright that may well put him off tree decorating entirely in the future!

I didn't really add many new decorations this year - just some red and white ruffled streamers (made using this tutorial) to try and cover up some more of the faux green tree.  I made all the red and white felt decorations in previous years, and the letters spelling 'JOY' and 'PEACE' are just those wooden (MDF?) ones you get at spotlight with some cute ribbon attached.


  1. wonderful images! i ll decorate on Saturday with my kids :) lovely greetings


  2. I loooove your tree. I also wish I had been dressed in pink fabulousness while decorating ours. In my experience, pink rubber gloves are about as glam as it gets while putting up the real one. There is also a lot of scrabbling about on the floor getting the stand right etc. We've gone with uber tack this year (tinsel, kinder ornaments, placky balls - the whole catastrophe). The good stuff is all stashed safely away from Sami, to be preserved for more sedate Christmases in the future!! xx