Thursday, December 22, 2011

Gingerbread play dough and hot chocolate...

This is the only handmade gift I've managed to photograph so far!  My camera is away with the Mr for the next few days so you're all just going to have to use your imaginations and visualise the big pile of gifts I'm in the process of wrapping!  While you're at it, can you also visualise that my house is spotlessly clean and I'm packed ready for family Christmas in Melbourne?  Right, excellent!  I suspect it may be poor form to ask people to let you photograph their gift after they've opened it but I'll give it a try, for you my lovely readers!

Minty and I made gingerbread play dough for some of the special little people in her life.  I think it's nice to involve her in the process of giving and not just receiving at Christmas time.  We used this recipe (though I used two tablespoons of cream of tartar when they only specify two teaspoons - I think it might be a typo?).  Minty helped me package them up in old jars (I spray painted the lids) and we added a cookie cutter.

I realise I've been pretty slack at posting our advent calendar activities.  I've struggled a bit to keep up with everything this year, so the blog has been a bit neglected.  

Here are the kids drinking hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows and edible gold stars.  Drinking hot chocolate was one of Minty's only requests for advent.  We watched this sweet little video at the beginning of December and Minty felt inspired to try and recreate it.  The two little girls in the video are in the process of being adopted out of the foster care system, and this is their first Christmas with their new family.

I've got another post scheduled for tomorrow but after that I'll be taking a little break until after Christmas.  I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas!

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  1. Too cute - I have a similar post in pinterest of playdough just like yours - maybe it is you! Thank you for sharing this year, I've loved checking in on you, the progress on the house and the gorgeous comments by the kids. Enjoy Christmas and I wish you wonderful things in 2012. Victoria