Monday, October 1, 2012

In which we get excited about coal...

We took a trip on the South Gippsland Tourist Railway from Korumburra to Loch (thanks Kitty for the tip!).  It's such a quaint little line with gorgeous scenery along the way.  We basically had the train to ourselves, apart from a few elderly couples.  I'm really surprised it's not more popular as tickets are very reasonably priced and it's a great little adventure for kids.  I suspect maybe people don't know about it.

We spent the afternoon at Coal Creek which is a little old fashioned coal mining village.  It's a little bit like Sovereign Hill, only with no gold and less people dressed up in period costumes.  Entry is FREE and again, we virtually had the place to ourselves despite it being a sunny day in the school holidays.  We had picnic lunch and the kids had a fantastic time exploring and trying to pat the emus!  


  1. I love that area and I love Coal Creek...possibly even more than I like Sovereign Hill. I think this may be because it's not so big and packed with tourists. I'm not a big crowds person. The fact that it's free is a big plus too, though it makes me wonder about how they keep it running?

    Glad you had a lovely day. Your photos are beautiful.

  2. Oh hooray. How cute is the train. We had a few oldies on ours too. Did the train man tell you all interesting stories and wave to his wife as he passed his house. Too funny.
    We haven't been to Coal Creek yet. Looks like a good adventure.
    Hope your week is going well.
    Is your house starting to feel more homey now you've been in it for a while? Still jealous of your big windowed bathroom.
    Kitty x

  3. Awesome photos and Gorgeous post. I love this wood bridge...