Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I liked us better when we all ate sugar… or reasons the internet is exhausting

Pete Evans
Can someone please come over here and activate my almonds, make me some kimchi and a kefir herbal tea?  Failing that, can you stop writing about your sugar free, raw milk, anti-grain, lacto-fermented foods so I can go back to eating my palm oil laden cadbury cream eggs in peace?  I don't really want to know about how you're skipping around in your pre-baby skinny jeans and now have the sex drive of a 16 year old.

I'd rather go back to the days when you posted amazing pictures of triple chocolate cupcakes and mile high cream pies so I can gaze at my food fantasies, instead of writing things that make me feel like I am ingesting some kind of toxic chemical cocktail every time I pour myself a glass of 'pus infested' milk.

Eek rant over.  You know I love you all… please tell me more about your 'journey' to a whole foods kitchen.  

Now I'm off to prepare some vegan, coconut, sugar-free ice-cream and soak some oats for tomorrow's fermented porridge.  No seriously, I really am.


  1. Even the supermarket exhausts me now. Why is milk labelled permeate free now? When did it have permeates? What are permeates and should I feel ripped off that they are no longer in milk?
    (Sorry sleep deprived mama sense of humour there- but really it is doing my head in just a little)

  2. haha, permeates. Forgot about that saga.

    Brace yourself - I gave up alcohol almost a year ago, and gluten some months back. Are you reeling yet? Oh yeah, I'm vegetarian, verging on vegan, too. Let me pick you up off the floor...

  3. Well I make most things from scratch, but love butter, milk (full cream WITH whatever permeates are), eat lots of sugar and enjoy it, but also eat nuts, heaps for veg, limited meat and cannot live without a nice glass of red. What happened to everything in moderation??

  4. oh my gosh, i'm exhausted reading that. don't tell anyone but my kids are refined sugar, store bought biscuits for morning tea this morning. no agave syrup in sight.