Sunday, April 7, 2013

In which we visit the city for a taste of the country...

My mum and I took the kids to the Collingwood Children's farm on Friday.  It was possibly a slightly cooky idea to drive all the way to Collingwood to see a farm when there is a farm over our back fence!  Even crazier to take them during school holidays when it was ridiculously crowded.  Nevertheless we had a good time… despite Turi having his eyes gouged at by another child while he waited in the queue to cuddle a guinea pig!  It's such a gorgeous place.  Highlights were definitely the pigs and geese… but by far my favourite part was watching the heavily made up, upper-class mothers tottering about the mud in their high heels, distractedly clutching their designer hand bags and phones whilst their offspring prodded at the animals with sticks.  A particularly flattering portrait of modern motherhood.

Afterwards we strolled across to the Abbotsford Convent for a macaroon.  A lovely way to end the afternoon.

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  1. Sorry to hear Turi nearly got gouged! Were the macaroons free, or just sans gluten? Wish we were there to pet a sheep or goat.