Tuesday, April 2, 2013

In which I question the wisdom of giving chocolate on a Christian holiday when gluttony is considered a sin...

hot cross buns

Am I the only one who has trouble exercising self restraint at easter?  I feel like an alcoholic who has been gifted 10 bottles of vodka under the largely farcical notion that they hold some deeper religious significance.  If anyone needs me in the next few days I will be hiding in the walk in pantry consuming roughly my own body weight in cadbury mini eggs.

I used a Jamie Oliver recipe for my buns this year.  Nigella has consistently let me down the past few years (I suspect maybe she should stick to her talents of giving the camera alluring looks and decorating her kitchen with fairy lights rather than actually writing recipes).  I used half wholemeal flour and nuttlex instead of butter since it was good Friday and I couldn't go to the shops to buy ingredients.  They still tasted excellent.

easter cards
Minty made easter cards and then got too tired to write on them.

origami easter rabbit baskets

I made some origami easter bunnies (instructions here).  Honestly these are quite time consuming and probably not worth the effort.  I planned to make more but couldn't be bothered.  Like mother like daughter.

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  1. The cards, buns and origami bunnies look great! I think the origami bunnies were definitely worth it: I'm going to give them a go next year :D I made a wreath for Easter but gave up on my plan to make Greek Easter bread in the end as I ran out of time: it is a pretty busy time of year!
    I feel the same way you do about the chockie eggs, especially as I'm studing! I'm trying to ration mine out (I've got them in a cupboard up high in the kitchen with an opaque door, so I don't notice them as much... we'll see if it works).