Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Conversations with Minty and Turi...

Minty: one day I'd like to milk a cow.  You know if we had a cow we could get milk every day.

Turi: one day, can we go out into the paddock and get the milk out of the udder into a bucket?

Me: darling our cows aren't dairy cows they're meat cows.  There is milk in the mummy cow's udders but it is for their baby cows

Turi: well can I go out with my bucket and get the meat?

Me [suppressing laughter]: The meat doesn't come out of their udders darling

Turi: Well where does it come out from?


  1. actually sadly no. I'm only working in lightroom 3 so I can't use them. :(

    1. You need to upgrade. We're 2 versions ahead here Susan, come along!

    2. I realise this but can't update without upgrading my machine which seems unlikely at this point.