Sunday, July 28, 2013

Retro Minty

I was lucky enough to win a 'Debbie's birthday dress' pattern from Suz at sewpony.  I made one for Minty last night and (for once!) she loves it!

The dress is made with an old vintage sheet I had in my stash. I added a doily collar, partly because I was too lazy to construct a proper fabric one and partly because I was attempting to appeal to Minty's doily fetish (see this previous post).  The button is a sweet little vintage yellow button I picked up at a market when we were in Japan.

The shape of this dress really gives me a Sally Draper vibe so I made Minty a 'Sally-esque' matching headband.  Now I just need to train her up to mix the grown ups G and Ts and we'll be in business! Honestly I think I went a bit too far with the retro styling and the outfit would have benefitted from a bit of reigning in!  Next time I make this pattern I'll probably opt for a more modern fabric to give the vintage shape a bit more edge.

I made a size 4 even though Minty is five and a half, since she is very narrow around the chest.  Since the style is pretty generous in the bodice area this size is fine and even still has room for layering.  Next time I'll probably add a bit of length though, since the size 4 is a bit of a micro-mini on her!

The pattern was quick to sew up and had very clear instructions.  I'm sure I'll be making a few more Debbie dresses for Minty's summer wardrobe!  Thanks Suz!


  1. Totally gorgeous Susan!! I love your pics!! I was relieved to see you chose size four and that minty is five and half... I was freaking out as to why it was so short!! It looks very sweet though in this fabric at that length. I would probably go a size 6 next time if she is five and a half as it is a short cut:)
    Glad you like the pattern!!!

  2. I love the dress! I can't believe that material was from a sheet (it reminds me of when Maria made clothes for the von Trapp children from the curtains).
    I also just saw the bubble skirt which is so cute.

  3. I love this idea for the doily collar, I have the perfect vintage pattern to emulate this! now to hunt down a doily.