Thursday, June 10, 2010

flagrant attempt to be sent a free book...

I've always loved Heidi (the museum of modern art not the book or trashy star on the Hills). The wonderful architecture (gotta love a conversation pit), the inspiring art, the gardens, but perhaps most of all I love the stories of the people who lived there. Minty was very nearly named Sunday after Sunday Reed. So when I saw this cookbook my heart skipped a beat. Here is a little excerpt from the blurb...

A passionate cook and gardener, who believed in home-grown produce, seasonal cooking and a communal table, Sunday created a pastoral paradise where big ideas could be explored both on canvas, in books and across the table.

Sunday's Kitchen is a superb collection of art, photographs of the artists in their much-loved home and garden - many previously unpublished - and simple home recipes from Sunday’s personal collection.

And it's on sale at Readings for $39.95! I really must have it.

Surely the publisher/author/bookshop/gallery could send me a free copy for giving the book such a fantastic plug?? No?? *sigh*

In other news... I bought very dark midnight blue paint for our bedroom. I feel somewhat panicky just thinking about it. Too late to chicken out now though.

And in case anyone was feeling sad that there wasn't a cute photo in this post... here is a picture of my little helper at the computer...

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  1. Granny's lovely boy! I'll take the smile with me as I face up to a morning's dusting and other similar dreaded activities! Also, you've infected me with your desire for "Sunday's Kitchen". I'll keep an eye out for Border's offers on Dad's emails.