Monday, June 21, 2010

when noodle necklaces turn bad...

We were in need of an indoor activity to keep us occupied this afternoon. I had the brilliant idea that we could make some noodle necklaces.

First we died the noodles. To do this, put some white vinegar in containers and colour it with food dye. Pop the noodles in and wait until they reach the desired colour and then put them on some paper towel or newspaper to dry out. This first step was great fun - we mixed all sorts of different colours and Minty had great fun dropping the noodles in. I should however of had some inkling of where this activity would end up when Minty announced, 'mmm these smell yummy'.

Next step was to thread the necklaces. We used some string tied to a spoon so that the rigatoni wouldn't fall off the other end of the string as we threaded.

We got as far as threading one noodle and then Minty decided she wanted to taste the noodles. After licking an orange noodle she declared, 'it tastes like a tiger', which I can only imagine means it tasted like cat hair. I attempted to move the activity along by demonstrating making my own necklace. Minty however wasn't interested and instead went on to announce that the purple noodle tasted like a walrus. In the end I was forced to confiscate them before she ingested an entire bowl of highly coloured raw noodles. This was the reaction...

Shortly after this photo was taken, unbeknownst to me, Minty thieved the necklace I had made and went behind the couch for a lovely snack of tiger noodles.

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  1. My stomach hurts from laughing so much - poor little darling! I'm particularly intrigued by the concept of purple being walrus flavoured - what on earth?