Tuesday, June 29, 2010

cameraless adventures...

Photo taken by my dad (check out his new book)

We had a pretty amazing trip back to Melbourne this weekend but foolishly I left my camera at home. We went to an engagement party, met our friend's new baby daughter and took the kid's for a ride on an old fashioned steam train. The train was such fun, like being on the Hogwarts Express, only more crowded and without any magic. I thought the whole thing had gone over Minty's head because she was silent for the whole journey but the next day she told me 'we went on the train and I was very quiet so I wouldn't scare the smoke away'. She hasn't stopped talking about it since and keeps asking if we can all go on the train together again, so it was clearly a hit after all.

These are some little red shoes I made for our friend's baby daughter, Elodie Grace. She is such a sweet little poppet, I wish I'd had a chance to take her picture.


  1. Susan those shoes are beautiful... I didn't realize u made them! Thank you so much! It was so lovely to see u guys.