Thursday, July 1, 2010

in which I become an actress and we make rainbow crayons...

The icy weather this past week has meant we've spent a lot of time indoors. Minty spends the day ordering me around like some kind of crazed, overly demanding hollywood director, 'You're a fairy. Fly, FLY! …hang on, you need a hat… Fly, FLY!', then 'you're a cow, moo! You come over me', followed shortly by 'now you're a frog, hop… NOOO hop over there!!!'. Turi is as yet too young to be cast in any meaningful speaking role and spends his day as an extra hiding out under the clothes horse which he has claimed as his personal fort (bless the little soul for finding one advantage of the cold weather).

So today I needed to save my sanity and find something to occupy Minty in order to save myself from another hour acting as a camel while we hunted for tigers and giants or some other equally unlikely scenario. Our activity of choice was a great way to turn some trash into treasure…

We go through crayons like they're going out of fashion. Inevitably we end up with a tub of broken crayon amputees. We decided to give them a new lease of life by remoulding them into some multicoloured beauties. Basically we just broke the crayons up into small pieces and popped them in a cupcake tin lined with foil cases. Then into the oven until everything was nice and melted. Just one word of warning… you have to wait until these are COMPLETELY cool until you take these out of their cases. Patience is really not one of my strong suits and I got a little tempted to 'check' one… let's just say I ended up with one finger encased in green crayon which I then had to try and pick off… yeah I'm clever.

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  1. What an amazing idea! I bet Minty loved it. If I didn't have to finish my Xmas stocking, go out for lunch, shop, get ready for lunch for 6 on Sunday etc. etc. I might be tempted to check out the broken crayons in the cupboard here . . . maybe not though. Weather forecast looks encouraging for next Tuesday!