Friday, July 2, 2010

in which Minty is a little a bag lady...

Minty is currently consumed with the idea of flying a kite. It started with Mary Poppins and was further ingrained with the antics of Thing One and Thing Two. Recently in my travels around the blogosphere I stumbled across the idea (here) of creating a windless 'kite'. Basically it is a plastic bag tied to a string. The air catches in the bag so it will fly even on the stillest of days. I have to admit when I first read about this idea I thought it was kinda tragic. I mean the idea of making my child drag an old plastic bag around the street in lieu of a kite seemed borderline abusive. However after trying it and seeing little Minty's eyes light up with the wild thrill of adventure I had to change my mind. I guess I shouldn't project my adult materialism onto her untainted soul. Although I just have to say the whole thing did feel disturbingly like that scene from American Beauty where they stand around with a video camera shooting an old bag floating in the wind...

Credit for these photos has to go to my husband. I was busy trying to calm Turi who wasn't enjoying the kite flying expedition quite so much.

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  1. What a simple and fun thing to do. Great photos Dad!