Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ice-cream Social: finally finished!

I've finally finished my ice-cream blouse. All in all I'm pretty happy with the results. The gathers aren't perfect but really you'd only notice if you were studying it up close. I really should have read Amy's post about this before I started because I probably would have done a much better job. I had my stitch length set too short which meant it was really hard to pull the gathering threads out after it was finished.

Most importantly Minty seems to really like it. It is lovely and soft and easy to wear. She can still get up to all her usual mischief but looks a lot more stylish than the manky old t-shirts she usually gets around in. I love that it gives a bit of coverage over her shoulders so I won't have to stress as much about sun burn when the summer time hits.

I'll definitely use this pattern again. I'm planning on making view B out of silk for a wedding at the end of the year (similar to this one).


  1. Are you referring to THE wedding at the end of the year? =P

    The blouse is gorgeous. Minty looks super happy in it!

  2. yes I am referring to THE wedding - have you seen Elizabethtown with 'Chuck and Cindy the wedding'? - I think we need to get some cardboard cut outs of y'all and print some mugs and T-shirts!!

  3. Gorgeous! Good work mummy :)

  4. Actually, just realised what an awesome hand me down that's going to be ;)