Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ice-cream Social: Day 5 and I still haven't hit the sewing machine...

Internet is back up and running - hooray!! It has been 5 weeks and around 20 hours on the phone since we first changed our internet plan to Telstra but it is finally working. I could bore you all with a litany of my internet woes, or share with you an open letter to Telstra (something along the lines of: Dear Telstra, I hate you) but I will spare you the pain.

Onto more interesting things. I'm somewhat behind in the ice-cream social schedule. My dress pattern only just arrived yesterday so I am frantically trying to catch up ground. I've opted to sew view C, which is the simple blouse because I'm trying to be a realist and in my current sleep deprived, and addled state I feel like this might be all I can achieve this week. My fabric is from Heather Ross' far far away line. While it is super sweet and a dreamy texture I am feeling a little nervous about sewing with double gauze. I'm planning to be very zen about the whole thing and hoping my vocabulary isn't reduced to a series of curse words during the sewing process.

Last night I traced the pattern onto a roll of grease proof paper in an effort to preserve the original pattern in tact for future use (this stuff seriously takes me back to my days studying architecture… glad it could come in handy for something!!). Unfortunately I then placed the pattern on top of a spilled splodge of pureed apple so my efforts for pattern preservation were somewhat in vain. Never mind. I guess these are the joys of living with two tiny humans.

I'm now at the point where I'm ready to sew but I've had to pack it in for the night. My dear husband has replaced all the light globes in our house with LEDs which I'm sure is fantastic for our carbon footprint but unfortunately not so conducive to night time sewing sessions. I'm having trouble matching my thread colour to the fabric in this 'mood' lighting.


  1. I know what you mean - haven't quite gone as far as LEDs but we have the min no. of energy saver globes in our house and I left the house in what I was sure was a black top. It was disconcerting to realise its actually navy blue!

  2. I have that trouble with the energy saving globe in our walk in robe - I often unintentionally team black trousers with navy socks.