Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ice-cream social: Day 7 disaster strikes...

Note to self: do not operate sewing machine after 10pm.

I had an unmitigated sewing disaster. I was sewing around the neckline and thinking to myself what I capital job I was doing of the whole thing when I glanced down and realised I was sewing the lining of the yoke inside out. The seam ripper and I soon became fast friends.

As is often the case when I sew clothing I have renewed respect for sweat shop workers. It really is criminal that we pay so little for garments that are so precisely pieced together. I feel like sending a little thank you note and a fruit basket to the workers who have done such a fine job of sewing the trousers I am currently wearing.

Despite all the drama I've now finally caught up to the sewing schedule.

I have used french seams for the bodice. Why is it that when you add 'french' in front of a word it elevates it to new and glamourous heights? Take for example, french toast, french stick, french fries, french press, or french kiss. French seams are no exception. Such a lovely finish to the inside of a garment. The oliver+s tutorial is really helpful if you're new to this technique.


  1. I well remember 20 or so years ago sewing a lion's head costume for Wizard of Oz at midnight - all the fur along the seam was on the wrong side which would have given the lion a part instead of a mane. Anyway my quick unpick wasn't up to the task and snapped - tears at bedtime I seem to remember1
    Mais oui, bien sur ma petite - everything French is better.

  2. I LOVE the fabric you are using, it is divine! I also love your writing style, your blog has made me giggle, perfectly suited to my sense of humour :) I am looking forward to seeing your finished dress! Tatum
    PS...I do love a french seam, sewing them makes me feel clever ;)