Wednesday, July 14, 2010

mish mash...

Here is a random, disjointed collection of thoughts because (you guessed it) I am once again operating on no sleep, and this written chaos is reflective of my state of mind.

Turi cut his first tooth last night and frankly from the amount of screaming anyone would have thought he was enduring the final stages of labour and begging for an epidural. Talk about low tolerance for pain. I swear if he wasn't so dang cute I'd be telling him to whack some bonjella on it and suck it up. But then I see those sweet little eyes and I can't help but feel a little sorry for him.

Minty is up to her usual antics. Lately she has started nagging to go surfing. She takes all her clothes of and when she is stark naked declares, 'I'm all ready to go, get my surf board!'. Heaven knows where she got the idea that nudity was appropriate beach attire. I blame the shots of scantily clad women on the ASP world tour.

And speaking of beach attire... I am smitten with these french patterns. I pretty much love all of them. I was thinking I might buy this sweet dress (see picture below) and this one to make some beach coverups for Minty in time for summer. I'm wondering whether it's going to be a problem that I don't speak french??? Also thinking I need to start tying Minty's hair up in a tiny top knot… tres joli!

It's my mum's birthday on the weekend and I'm going to make her a cake (well some cupcakes to be more precise). I'm having a little trouble deciding on what flavour to make and thought perhaps I could put it to you good people for a vote. The cake contenders are as follows:

1.dark chocolate cupcakes frosted with mint chantilly cream

2.brown sugar vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting marmalade filled cupcakes

4.lemon buttermilk cupcakes filled with lemon curd and topped with cream cheese frosting

Cast your vote in the comments section bellow (mum your vote obviously has a bit more swing).

When I was googling for cake inspiration I came across this (found here)…

I think it is perhaps the most horrifying cake I have ever seen… and yet I have this odd desire to make it. Let me know if you have an upcoming event for which it would be appropriate and I'll whip one up. I'm thinking bachelor party, poker night, kegger, or USA themed costume party, though mum if you'd like to forgo your cupcakes I can always whip you one up for the weekend!


  1. A vote for number 4.

  2. I like the sound of the chocolate ones but I won't be there - how sad! :(

    I am also strangely drawn to the burger cake - my thirtieth birthday or the baby shower? :p

  3. Number 4, can't go past lemon curd! Although choc mint is a close second!