Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy Sunday...

I love this time of year when you can taste the change of season in the crisp air.  The sun starts to lose its intensity and all the world's colours seem to slide a little further into the blue/grey end of the spectrum.  Daylight savings is finally over and the sun tucks itself into bed nice and early, sending a clear message to tired little bodies that sleepy time is here.  

Today was one of those days you wish you could bottle.  My parents came to visit and we took the kids for a walk around Churchill island.  It really is a restful place, where time seems to take a rest from its usual unrelenting pace.  It's hard not to fall just a little in love gazing into the wise old eyes of the highland cattle and have your heart skip at the sight of a tiny, shaggy little calf.  Wishing it could be forever Sunday…

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  1. Beautiful moments and scenery. I miss this little corner of the world. Haven't been there since '97 but I regularly went to Phillip Island to watch my Dad and brother surf. It still looks lovely