Sunday, April 10, 2011

Thrift week...

Here is a little wrap up of my thrift finds for the week…

a terribly tarnished candelabra - so wonderfully over the top it will make an almost ironic addition to our table- can't wait to whip this out at christmas

some fun chinese side plates (I was planning to hide these from the Mr as he does not appreciate my penchant for old crockery!!)

tweed fabric for little winter trousers for Turi and maybe another librarian skirt for the Mint (50 cents)

pillowcases to be made into little skirts and tops (80 cents each)

and some kids books with records - these were free with the amazing op shop jumper I shared with you on Monday

Pop over here to see more thrift finds.


  1. That candelabra is so neat! I love the twisted arms. Will you polish it or leave it in its antiqued glory?

  2. I love all of them! What a find that candelabra was. Pretty plates and fabrics too.

  3. Does it count as a find if you just saved it from the parent's chuck out session? :D Although Martha is always telling me about various things that I shouldn't throw out if I find them in the basement...she clearly hasn't seen my 'basement' junk :p

  4. cutest pillowcases i have seen in a long time. nothing bold, just dreamily romantic for its colour palette...

  5. HI! Finally catching up on everyone's blogs. Love all your beautiful photos. SO glad you made a skirt for Minty just like that one you didn't win. Love the candelabra.. and those pillowcases. I am going to have to take a drive to Kooweerup and hunt out all the goodies before you! ;)