Thursday, August 5, 2010

In which Minty dresses as a librarian...

As promised here are the results of this weeks sewing. I like to call this the 'librarian skirt'. The fabric is some houndstooth suiting I picked up from spotlight. The pattern is the Oliver+S Sunday Brunch skirt, though this skirt certainly won't be reserved for Sunday best and will likely never be worn for anything as dignified as brunch.

My favourite detail are the little pockets at the font. The entire waist band is elasticised but I've sewn the elastic at the side seams so that all the fabric gathers at the back of the skirt because I wanted the front to sit nice and flat.

This design is certainly somewhat sedate for Minty but I think the functional brown fabric and the inclusion of the kick pleat at the back make it practical play wear.

I think it would look great with cream cable knit tights and a floral blouse… shame Minty doesn't own any!

And a close up...


  1. Very sweet, well done! I agree about the floral blouse, you should give the O+S music class blouse a go, it's a(nother) great little pattern.

  2. So stylish and yet so functional - does it come in my size too????

  3. I love it - you are so clever & she looks so pretty.

  4. Would also be a nice doktar skirt (not Dr Crusher style though), for a bit of a change from my usual blacks and greys.