Sunday, August 15, 2010

In which I am a fried orangutang and Turi busts a move...

Thanks to everyone for their birthday wishes! I had an awesome day. We went back to Melbourne and took the kiddies for their first ever trip to the zoo. I'm pretty sure it blew their tiny little minds. (I'm in the process of sorting through the photos so I'll have some to share with you tomorrow). Then my mum put on a cracking birthday dinner complete with roast turkey and a vanilla slice cake.

As is inevitable after any big event the family was somewhat flat today after all the excitement. Turi and Minty spent the majority of the day taking it in turns sobbing with MInty intermittently proclaiming, 'I'm very sad, help me!'. Minty managed to snag the skin of my neck in my zip as she tried to 'help me' put my hoodie on (ouch), and then later in the day I somehow smashed my head into the ugly wooden occupied/vacant sign which adorns our toilet door (double ouch).

Thankfully we had my new Glee CD to lighten the mood a little. To the groovy beats of 'Give up the Funk', Turi, bless his little heart, bust out his very first unassisted dance moves. This from the boy who is yet to sit unassisted or master a traditional crawling technique. He does a sort of rhythmic head isolation in time to the music. If you imagine a seal waggling its head from side to side you would be close to what it looks like. It is a definite contender for the funniest thing I have ever seen. I'll attempt to capture a video for you all but I suspect (as is often the case when you are trying to catch something cute the kids are doing on film) it may be about as hard as capturing footage of a snow leopard in the wild.

How I feel tonight


  1. Yea! I'm so glad that you (and Turi) like the Glee CD :)

    Next time I want to go to the Zoo too... I feel sad I missed out.

  2. Oh yes, that's just how I feel tonight! I really need a shroud to wrap myself up in for a nanna-nap.