Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Stuff I want for my birthday...

...coz y'all know I'm not shy about such things, no pussyfooting around dropping hints or cryptic clues for me. I pretty much have a running list going all year which I amend when I receive things (yes I am basically David Sedaris).

1. Japanese masking tape. Click here to be in Japanese masking tape heaven.

2. Cupcake liners. I would particularly like some dark brown ones, but any other cute cases would be well received.

3. Glee CD volume 3... I'm a little embarrassed that this is on the list but I sorta, kinda, really love singing and dancing around the living room to glee (eek!)

4. Oliver + S puppet show pattern. This is out of print now but there are some available here.

5. Any pattern from Citronille. The postage cost to Australia is insane, so if you buy me this you are probably feeling guilty about something or angling to get something from me in return (your tactics will most likely be successful)

6. Sunday's Kitchen (I know I still haven't been sent a free copy... crazy right?)

7. Fabric!!


  1. no glee 3 please for the sake of everyone else in the house with ears.

  2. that last comment was from Brett so ignore it