Monday, August 16, 2010


A conversation with Minty at the zoo

Me: look Minty, a puma.

Minty: It's a tiger!

Me: No, it's a puma… puuumaa

Minty: No, it's a lion

Me: No it's a puma


Me: Well… it's sort of a cousin of the tiger, whose name is puma

Minty: NO its name is Zac!

A bear's bottom.

Credit where credit is due… the following pictures were taken by my husband. He would also like me to mention that he took the photo of Minty riding the elephant and Minty sitting on the park bench (apparently the two most technically proficient shots (his words)). He was concerned I was attempting to palm these off as my photos (paranoid much?) since they were interspersed with mine though in reality I was merely grouping photos to better tell the story.


  1. Gorgeous photos - all of them although the one on the elephant is special :) Turi looks just like Snugglepot in his little hat - almost as cute as the baby elephant.

  2. Thank you for ALL the lovely photo's. I needed my Minty, she is just as stubborn as her father and uncles were but your re-counts of conversations make me laugh every time, and Turi fix. Not being able to see them in person for so long has been difficult, as much for those around me who have had to put up with me talking about them at every available opportunity as it has been for me.

  3. I like the one of Turi gaping at the seals - he looks so excited (hope he's not just yawning ;)