Saturday, August 7, 2010

In which I am a legend of my own time and Turi just wants to be loved...

"Love me!"

My husband had been complaining that I hadn't made pasta from scratch in a while. I have to admit I was tempted to counter this with a complaint that he is yet to present me with a goose that lays golden eggs for easter but the truth is I have trouble saying no to ego stroking requests for my cooking.

So this morning I had a big cook up. I made two trays of pumpkin cannelloni, enough lasagna for at least two meals and bolognaise with fresh pasta for lunch. I am feeling very pleased about my now well stocked freezer (I even have some of Thomas Keller's chocolate chip cookie dough frozen for a baking emergency - I'll post about this soon).

While I was busy in the kitchen the mister and Minty vacuumed the house and cleaned all the windows inside and out. So I have to say a productive morning was had by all. Except maybe Turi who spent the time practising his tap dancing skills on the lounge room wall.

Lately the littlest member of the household has been busy in his own way. Turi has developed a little carpet burn on each of his knees from his attempts at high speed commando crawling. He chases me around the house and when he catches me he grabs hold of my ankles and looks up at me expectantly waiting to be picked up for a cuddle. If I go out the front door he waits at the window and cries. It is all very endearing.


  1. He is totally endearing in every way - so is the Mint of course! Congratulations on the well stocked freezer but you have made me feel a little bit inadequate since I have never tried to make fresh pasta. Perhaps it's time to challenge myself and get some tips from you.

  2. What an adorable little face....xx